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By Zacc

About the Author
I'm glad you're interested in knowing more about me. Just don't send me spam once you know more about me. :P

Name: My last name is "Yin".
Online Name: Zacc
Gender: Male
BirthDate: November 1988
Race: Chinese (Teochew)
Location: Malaysia, Penang State.
Language: English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew.
Hobby: Drawing, reading comics, playing basketball, playing computer games, playing chess, eating Laksa.

click on this dumb-looking smile to see the ME at my workroom (a.k.a. living room).
Personal History:

Started interest in drawing at 6. (1994)
Started practicing drawing cartoons at 8. (1996)
Started drawing human figures at 10. (1998)
Started own comic at 11. (1999)
Joined Keenspace at 13; started Phoenix comic (2001)
***A lot of things happened this year***
Started Animenifesto at 14. (2002)
***A lot of things happened this year***
Managed to make Animenifesto more popular than Phoenix at 15. (2003)
***A lot of things happened this year***

Planned upcoming events:
Short romance story (2004)
Join local comic competition (2004)
Animenifesto RPG game (2005-2006)
Complete Phoenix Book 1 at Chapter 13/14 (2005-2006)

Briefly about me:
I study at Sri Inai Private School. At 2000, I transfered to St. Xavier Institution, a government school. I'm in the school band. Most of my lack of updates for both my sites are caused by my school band's activities.

I am a big fan of One Piece, a manga by Eiichiro Oda. Besides his great artworks, his story of Luffy the pirate and his gang are very interesting. How I wish I could draw like him. :)

I don't know any girls, I don't have any girlfriends, I have been messed around by the first girl I've actually made social contact with, and I've given up hope in getting to know girls my age. I most probably will only find the suitable girlfriend when I get a real job, 3 years from now.

Squaresoft is my most favourite company. They make the best RPG games that can possibly be made. I love the music composer Nobuo Uematsu the most! ^-^

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