Phoenix the manga
By Zacc

News Archive (2002)
I don't know why you're interested in old news that doesn't really matter now.
Note: Most of the links here won't work because they have been changed. But it would be worth a try if you want to click on it.

May,1 Wednesday 2002

   Happy Labour day! If you don't know it's today, that means you haven't taken a job yet. Anyways, Good evening!

   Okay, here is problem #1. Not much people like the story. Why? Cos, the story doesn't make sense, right? Right! Anyway, I'm posting here today, to tell ya'll about what I think you think that I think of what you people will think of the story. Confusing? Ignore me. ^_^

   First, the story starts with Koji's rant of the month. Then he's late for school. After school, Koji talks crap with Rey and decides to register in the dumb tournament for magicians. On the way home, his home was burnt down by brainless Ogres. Koji then stays in Rey's home after that. 3 days later the test starts. Koji meets Merrie, talks crap, suddenly get's upset for no reason and storms off. The next chapter, the scene switches to Koji in Gaia. Koji gets KO'd by a girl using a fishing rod-thingy and the scene switches to night. Koji wakes up, talks a little crap, and encounters the dumb Death guy in the comic, which you're reading right now.

   Get it? The part where I cut off (between Chapter 1 and 2) has some effect in the upcoming story, so I'm keeping it a secret for now!

   Hope that's all. Thank you!! *_*

May,9 Friday

   Hello again.

   There was no comic for week, because I felt a little lazy and took a few days off to relax. Due to that, I'm going to have trouble getting back on schedule. There might not be any comic for next week, too.

   Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that I've added a pic in the gallery and changed something in the about section. Check it out if ya like. Anyways, I really had no time to make everything perfect. I'm not like some people who have all the time in their world.

   I received a comment from somebody saying that I have lots of grammatical errors in my comic. True! Because I don't live in U.S.! I live in a MALAY country! I'm not the person who only speaks 1 language everyday! In fact, I have to use 3 different language in my daily life! So, pullleeez consider me a chinese who has poor english! Thank you! ^_^;; (And so, if there is anybody willing to do the writing for me....)

Oh, yeah, before I forget, I gotta tell, that the comic update might have a change soon, because of my busy schedule these days... And that's all. Thank you.

May,11 Sunday

   Hello again! ^_^ I have something to rant today! Yay!

   Yeah, I thought about my very poor English! So, Everytime I want to insert the dialogue, I will ask my friend's opinion on the grammar thingy to see if I'm doing okay! Ain't that great! Thank you <Unknown Person> for making me realize my laziness in doing the comic! Yeah! Thanks a lot! ^_^

   See ya next update... Although I'm not sure when. And, <before I forget>, there'll be no comic for this month except artwork and etc, because it's more difficult to draw the comic than sketching. Another reason is... I have my mid-year test in next 2 weeks! Hwaaaaaah!! And so, please forgive me for this month. I beg you!!

   And so, don't worry, I will still update, but not the comic. I'll try to update the gallery and links, and the others. And I'll even try to repair on my English! Gwahahahaha... Anyways, I updated the links page. A lot.

   Oh, yeah, looks like my buddy Ning's site (Won Ton Hammer) is back up from his sleep! Go give him a good-morning or drop him a hello! Yeah! Wish you luck, Ning! Hope to see more of the comic! Yeah! Anyways, see ya. ^_^

May,17 Friday

   Yeah, I decided to make an alternate forum. Why? 'cos if the Keenspace forums go down, we can use this one here. However, the current one will always be in use. I'll be using the altenate forum when the main one is down. What about the link to the alternate forum? I'll think of something... When I return on my next update. *_*

   And, no updates this week. (I thinks...) Test's this Monday. Gotta study reaaaally hard... -_-;; Wish me luck...

   Gah, I finally got to enter my OWN forum and found out there is problem with one of my pages. (The April 15th one) Guess I didn't load the comic COMPLETELY... Thanks for the info, Jack. I'll try and fix it and see... ^__^ If any of you see anything wrong here, feel free to contact me bout it.

May,24 Friday

   Gwah, an update!! Or to be exact, there are 4 new pics in the gallery. 3 rough and lousy one, and 1 inked lousy one. Anyways, if you're wondering, I've finished my exam... yeah... no more pain for the next 2 months.

   Oh, yeah, I've created another page to keep my news as an archive. Then, in 3 years' time, when I turn 18, I'll look back at my news and laugh at myself. ^_^ If you like lousy english grammar, you can read it whenever you like. Note: the link is at the bottom of this newsbox (It's not here anymore).

   Anyways, I'll be back, don't worry. Holidays' starting! For a week only, of cos. Shoot. ^-^;

May,26 Sunday

   Yeah! Finally! Another comic of mine has been hosted! The brand new site this time has NO "1" at the end of it's name! Thanks to Keenspace! Please visit it and tell me about what you think! Oh, yeah, before all of you gives me kicks, I'm telling ya'll that the Phoenix comic will still continue by next month! Yeah! Although the updates this time won't be punctual anymore...

   Oh, yeah, before I forget, since the site is still new, I might need to "edit" it some time later. So, please excuse any difficulties when viewing the site. And, for your info, the comic's name is... "
Animenifesto"!!! What a long and ridiculous name!! Yeah!! ^_^

June,1 Saturday

   I'm finally back! Sorry I wasn't around for the past 3 days. I had to stay overnight in school because of my dumb band formation camp. Anyways, now that I'm back, I can continue on the comic again. Didja miss me? No? Graaagh, no hug for you. ^_^;;;

   Yeah, the comic will continue tomorrow! Ain't that a surprise?! Ya'll think I'm dead, right? Well I'm not! Gwahahahaha... ^_^ On to page 75... What awaits in my comic? Crap? Yeah, maybe. ^_^;;;

June,7 Friday

   Some may notice that I've started using .GIF files rather than .JPG files. My buddy Ning (Won Ton Hammer) told me that .GIF files take up less bytes than .JPGs. I find that true! Thanks man, at least the comic can load a LITTLE faster now, right? ^_^;;; Thank you very much for supports! I appreciate it!

   Updates!!! I changed the dumb dropdown, this time you don't have to click the stupid "GO" button to jump to a certain page, it takes you there after you click on the name. Ain't that awesome? ^_^;

June,15 Saturday

   I know I didn't put up any pages for today and last update... Sorry about that, honestly. I didn't have the time to even USE my computer, because of my damn brother hogging on it the whole day. And when I finally hve to time to lay my hands on the keyboard, it's already bedtime. Gah!!! I feel so sick. Adding to this awful situation is... I'm catching another stupid illness again! I've been catching sickness ever since I joined the school band! I feel like quitting, but like people always say, "winners never quit, and quitters never win" I feel so awful! Blargh!!! *Slaps face a few times*

   Anyways, don't worry. The comic you don't get to see for the following week will be refilled when I update either tomorrow or next week. Sorry for the trouble I caused, if any.

June,21 Friday

   Refilled the last 2 updates which I didn't update. Ain't I a lamer? Sorry for the late updates... Kindaa have trouble dealing with my time lately. Too much Final Fantasy Tactics...

   And a thanks to Ning from Won Ton Hammer for his great fan art! Yeah! Finally I have somebody with a fanart for me! Thanks a lot, Ning!

   No other stuff to rant about. Bye. ^_^

June 30 Sunday

   Added Nings pic in the gallery... Thanks a lot to him!

   Sorry, no comic for the last 2 weeks. I'll refill it by next week, if possible. Please excuse my busy schedule for this time. But now I've more free time because I should be having more fewer band practices. Please stay tuned and don't ever switch channels. ^_^

   Summary for today: Updated the Links page and Gallery. Do not visit the 2 pages if you hate me. ^_^;;;

July,5 Friday

   Finally! After a very long wait, I've reached Chapter 5! This may seem like "Oh, what the hey, Chapter 5. B-O-R-I-N-G!" but who am I to blame?

   Anyways, I'm sure everybody is tired with this stupid fighting thing and wants to see the following story, so I'll try and finish this by the end of this or the next chapter.

   Oh, btw, updated the links page. Not much of an update, really. Recently I surfed the net (Yes, band practices have decreased, resulting me having more free time) and came across a comic called Arcana. Haven't read all of it yet, but seems like a good comic. I'll try and finish reading the archives by next week. ^_^

   Anyways, thank you for still being with me and have a nice day. Oh, and don't forget that the comic is still going, but is just temporarily on a halt. I'm very depressed lately. I feel like killing myself.

July,12 Friday

   Yeah, if you're seeing something different about the comic today, you should be! I thought of something lately... That is, I spend more time inking than sketching the page! So, if I just spend my time on a perfect sketch, without inking, the page might be done much
earlier and faster! Or so I thinks. But the weakness about that is the page size is 100kb bigger than usual. (The previous pages were 100 to 190 kb. Now, it's about 200 to 290 kb.) I think it's because of the pencil. ^_^;; Please tell me what you think.

   But frankly, because of that, I can finish a comic a day, unlike before, which took me at least 2 days
(first day to sketch, second day to ink.) which was time-consuming.

   Okay, I'm really sorry if I was a little moody last update. I really had a fit over at my school. I don't know why, but
everytime I smile or try to cheer myself up, there'll people saying that I'm crazy or I smile too much like an idiot. I feel so sad... But who cares? Do you? ^_^;;

   Oh, yeah, before I forget, I gotta admit, the comic is very... very... very... slowly done. Hey, since you're reading my comic for free, doesn't matter if I updated it a little late than usual? ^_^;;

   Lastly, I updated the gallery with a lousy sketch.

July,20 Saturday

   Okay, I updated the links page, with some links, of course. Obviously I'm sure you've already went to these sites before, but I like it!
Gwahahaha... ^_^

   Finally, I'd just like to say that before I reach a final answer, I'll randomly finish the pages in iether ink or pencil.

   And that's all.

July,26 Friday

   Gomen, I couldn't update any page for both
Animenifesto and Phoenix 'cuz my Scanner broke down. For some reason, everytime I try to scan my pages, the program will give me a "00000000h error" and stop scanning. Until I fix it, there'll be no comic for next week. (But Animenifesto is still smoothly going... of course.)

   Anyways, thank you for staying with me until now. Domou arigatou gozaimasu! ^_^

August,2 Friday

   Hello again...

   Gwahahahah, I finally fixed the stupid scanner yesterday. As result, I scanned 3 pages. And resulting from that, you lucky readers get to see more of the story next week. ^_^

   Updated the links and gallery again, not much of an update, really. BTW, I'm having my EXAM this Monday... Wish me luck! I really need them. ^_^;;;

   And lastly, there'll be my country's national Independent Day (Is the spelling correct...?) coming up... on 31st August. Wheeeeeeee.... boring. !-_-!

August,9 Friday

   Yeah, tests' ended... I have more time to rest now... and draw comics. ^_^;; Anyways, hello again! Sorry, there won't be much updates next week.
(But there'll be a comic on Wednesday and maybe Saturday, so don't worry.) I have things to do... that are not related to comics and etc. Please excuse me.

   I received this cool coverart from
Michael Saravia of Destination Unknown... Thanks a lot... thank you very much... Thanx... Thanks you very muchs... btw, this shows, Mr. Michael somehow reads my lousy comic... ^_^. (Anyways, I received this approx 2 weeks ago, on the 28th of July, but because of my *cough* busy schedules, I had to postpone the notice til today. Sorry... ^-^;;;)

   And, I edited some stuffs in this site, including the text link colors, links to other pages, and the "copyright disclaimer" at the bottom of this page. Unvisited links are now
green, visited ones will be bright purple, and active/selected links will be yellow. Having any difficulties viewing my page? Blame me. Gwahaha!

   But frankly, I heard some of my buddy schoolmates saying my page loads very slowly. I'm trying to fix this bug thing. I experienced this before, where the comic is 'forced' to completely load before you can see the newsbox. Damn precious minutes lost 'cause of that... But I'll fix it. Eventually... So, in the meantime, please bear with it. ^_^;;

   The SQC comic links are gone, because I already have Animenifesto. So, what's the use of SQC anymore? But there might be some unrelate SQCs, for situations where I'd rather not draw comics for a whole week.

   Lastly, I've updated every page, with major updates in the gallery and links. Any problems or suggestions? Mail me.

August,11 Sunday

   Sooner or later, I'll update the comic weekly... No, I'm not lazy. I've just realized that I spend most of my time drawing that I've neglected my studies. My exam results came out and I found that my marks have dropped a lot. Imagine getting
C for almost every subject except English. I'm very sad. I didn't even do good in my Art Exam.

   No, I won't stop my comic. I'm not like some people who gives up on his/her comic so easily. But the updates might be really slow... Please understand. Since I'll be only doing my comic once a week, I might have some spare time to waste. So, if there's anything you'd like to ask or request about
linking, guest comix, etc, (Anything can do.) Just mail away.

   Please remember to visit my comic once in a while. You might never know what will happen in the future. Thanks! ^_^ Oh, yeah, I'll be updating my news as usual, because this will be the place where I get to rant weekly. ^_^;;

   Notice: Animenifesto updates almost daily, as usual (Until I run out of jokes or ideas).

August,23 Friday

   Aggggh, when was the last time I actually updated at the correct date? I can't seem to remember. Obviously I update once a week, but somehow I managed to update last Sunday. Why was that....? I can't remember.

   Anyways, I just found out that I got more
B than C in my Exam. Guess my eyes got hit by a flying saucer and I thought I had C for almost every subject. Sorry to make all of you worry. (If there was any....)

   Comic will update tomorrow (Saturday), and next Saturday. Animenifesto updates normally. Might have an extra artwork by next week to be posted in the gallery. That's all for this week. Thank you for staying with me. ^_^

August,31 Saturday

   Hello again! I 've mananged to work myself out to bring you a page (Which is today) which I spent 2 complete hours on! Hope it was worth it. There'll be a comic for next Wednesday because I had time to finish an extra page. Hope ya'll like it!

   There will be a new piece of art in my gallery by next week. I'm planning to draw some fanart (And maybe guest comics) for some people in keenspace whom I know... but I gotta read the whole comic to do it, so I have to take some time to read 'em. This might take a while.

   Anyways, an off-topic to Malaysians;
MERDEKA!!! Have your flags ready? Wave them on this very historical and etc. day!! Merdeka! BTW, despite celebrating this happy and glorious day, I have to spend more half the day outside of home to perform for a parade. I didn't even get to see the fireworks at 12 am! Damn! I gotta wait 'til next year to see those fireworks!

   First, I had to stay
overnight in school to get my stuff ready and, and only got to sleep at 11 pm because I had to iron my uniform's sarong. I had to wake up at 3 am in the morning and dress up, and wait, and march past the grand stand. All of that finished at 11 am. I went home at 1 pm after I finished packing up my stuff. I was so damn tired I took a nap and woke up at 5 pm.

   So, I'm fully refreshed now (After 4 extra daylight hours of sleep)! Now I don't have to stay up so late and sleep for so little hours! I can now sleep 8 hours a day! Yeah! That is, until
2003 August 31st.

September,1 Sunday

   Gwahhh... I'm really sorry people. I didn't finish updating the site and left out on updating the comics. Y'see, when I was half-way updating the site, my elder brother said he wanted to use the computer to save some file into his diskette for his (
girl)friend. And after he was done, he was still using the computer. HE TRICKED ME! Goddamned! And so, because at that time it was almost bedtime, I decided to update tomorrow (Which is today). I'm really sorry. Anyways, I've updated and restored everything by now. Gomen.

   btw, you might be wondering why I had a chance to update today. Well, I told my mom about the 'brother steal my internet usage' incident and let me surf the web today.

   ... And that's all. I think.

September,6 Friday

   Whee!! There will be a week holiday next week! I'm so happy! Although it's just for a week, it doesn't matter! Anyways, hello again!

   Yeah, not much updates. So far my Animenifesto is going smoothly, but there isn't much visitors visiting the site. At least I know that Phoenix has more visitors that Festo.

   Yeah, and I just found out that during the holidays, I still have to attend my band practice. This sux! And I thought that I'll a whole week to loaf around! Graagh! >X(

   Oh, and another thing. I forgot to draw the extra pic for my Gallery page! Whoops, I had my hands full this whole week. Sorry, I promise I'll add a sketch or something by next week. (I'm a very slow worker.) But don't worry, there will be a page up on Wednesday, 11th September. (I'm really sorry I highlighted this very depressing date)

   And so, thanks for reading this week's news update.

September,11 Wednesday

   I've just read through the comments and guestbook that some people had sent and signed. Although there weren't many of them, but they gave me a lot of confidence. Some people say my comic has lots of weaknesses. I work hard to repair them. Some say my comic is good. I work hard to maintain the status. I take this opportunity to thank those people who commented about the comic, it really helped me. ^_^;;

   Some people mailed me about the pencil-or-pen comic pages topic. Yes, some say my pencil style is better, some say the opposite. Still, I can't decide. Although I think I should stick to pen, I'm still have a personal poll for all of you. So, what do you say if I do ONE chapter in pencil, and the NEXT in pen, and so on? What do you people think? Mail me about it.

   Anyways, I updated the gallery with 4 pics, which 2 are portraits and 2 are poses. If you have nothing better to do, you're more than welcomed to go there.

   Lastly, I don't really know what to say on this very day, September 11, that gave the world a shock. Let us just pray that this never happens again.

   Anyways, see ya.

September,13 Friday

   Whoopee. The forum has been dead for more than a month. I am sooooo happy. ARGGGGGGGH! No, I'm sad!! Nobody likes to post in the forum! Nothing to talk about! I sad!!!

   Yeah, Friday 13th. Very unlucky. I had a major one right now. I'm very unlucky today, man. What's more, I'm having a headache.

September,20 Friday

   *Cough* Well, how are you people? Dying to see the next page? Well, I'll post it tomorrow. Yeah, Chapter 5 is done. So, when's the next chapter? Well, right after I see the results for the "Phoenix Poll". What do you think I should do? Please poll for your favourite. I'll see the results by the end of the month. Until then, there'll be no comic. But don't worry, I'll post something else to entertain all of you before I start Chapter 6.

   And, since the FINAL YEAR EXAM is coming, I might have some hard time updating my site. In the meanwhile, I might stop updating both Animenifesto and Phoenix until the end of the exam, which is on 14th of October.

September,27 Friday

   There's no page for Phoenix this week. But the comics over at Animenifesto is still updating. As some of you might know, I'm updating Festo on a 4-day-a-week basis, thus I have more time to work on Phoenix. Aren't ya'll glad?

   Btw, I know. You people want me to update more on Phoenix, right? Yeah, I'm working hard on it. Please don't write comments in the poll telling me to update more often. I hear you.... Gwah.... Anyways, I'm having a busy schedule. Exam's coming, y'know. Ain't easy to pass. So, in the meantime, VOTE for me. Gwahahahahahah....

October,4 Friday

   Holy smokes,
a new month. Well, times are tough.

   I recently did 3 pics for 2 people. One for DU! and two for Tsunami Channel. Hope this will replace all the empty spaces for last week. Although they might not look like the original, but... I tried. Well... Anyways, thanks for still visiting my site. You people are great. Stay tuned for more rants. Comics? Uhhhhhhh...

   Anyways, the 3 pictures I mentioned is in the Gallery. BTW, I just found out that many of my images in the Gallery can't be found. I wonder why... I'll try re-uploading them again.

   Anyways, just for your info, I recently lost my pencil-box, which contains all of my writing instruments. That includes my
BRAND NEW RULER, my BRAND NEW ERASER, and my DRAWING PEN. Total, I lost my G2 Pilot PEN, my G1 Pilot PEN, 2 of my 'FRAME' PENS (Zebra Brand), my DRAWING PEN (Also Zebra Brand), an ERASER (Pentel), a case of PENCIL LEADS (Buncho), my TIME-TABLE, and 2 of my precious SKETCHING MECHANICAL PENCILS (Both Zebra Brand). I lost all of them in a day! Grrrrrrrgh! Argh! How could I?! Anyways, I managed to buy a lousy PENCIL, DRAWING PEN, ERASER, and a lousy old RULER. Too bad I still don't have my 'FRAME' PEN, which I use to draw the frame boxes for the comic. I somehow need to use something else to replace it.

   You must be wondering how pathetic I am to have lost the pencil box so suddenly. Well, I FORGOT. I left it in the school canteen, on the table, and the next day, POOF. I'm so miserable for being so forgetful. Anyways, see ya.

October,18 Friday

   Well, Sorry for not updating last week. My freakin' mom did not let me use the line because exams were coming. Oh well. Now that my exams are over, I can surf the net on my usual basis now.

btw, I need help over at Animenifesto. Please help Chern.

October,26 Saturday

   Well, now that my exams are over, I have one thing less to worry about; STUDYING. But, with everybody in school loafing off, the teachers have taken action by having school activities to keep each student's butt moving, whether they like it or not. It's okay with me, but I have more than just school activities, I have BAND PRACTICE! I'm so dead tired.

   What's more, I kinda have problems drawing my comic. I need a FRAMING PEN!! I need one! Please, I need donations to buy the stupid pen! If you're from U.S, donating $1 is enough for me to buy the pen! Your $1 is the same value with more than $3 in my country, so it's worth donating.
(For your info, I didn't ask my mom to buy it for me. I know how hard she is trying to work and feed me and my 2 elder brothers. I feel selfish if I just ask her for money all the time.)

   Anyway, before you start donating, I need to know how. ^_^;; Ugh. I heard you can donate thru PayPal, but I don't know how. btw, If you wanna see more comic each week, you need to help me out a little. I can't draw a good page without appropriate drawing tools.

   Comic production is going according to schedule. I just finished a page. I'll try to finish another page tomorrow. Hopefully, updates will take place NEXT WEEK. No comic for this week and next week, because I need some time to complete the pages for both Animenifesto and Phoenix.

November,1 Friday

   23 days before my birthday; 11 days before Phoenix turns 1 year old. It's been a whole year. I just can't believe it. Anyway, I worked hard to bring you 2 pages next week
(Yeah, I spent 4 days from Monday to Thursday to complete 2 pages). Ain't that happy news?! Gwahhhh, I'm so tired.

   I recently read the poll, and to my surprise (Duh), most people want me to update more than anything else. Well, I can see why. What surprises me most (Duuuuh) is the quantity of polls. There's more than 200 polls. Whereelse, there is only less than 100 in the previous polls. Well...

   Anyway, my school band is having it's 50th anniversary this December!! I'm so happy that I'm in the band! But the problem is that we need to invite people to attend our anniversary party, and so far, only a few of our tickets have been sold. If you live somewhere in Malaysia, and you live near Penang, you can contribute some donations or buy our tickets from my school (St. Xavier Institution). If you're a Malaysian, please help our band for a better future by buying our tickets... For more info on this, you can mail me about it. And as for people who live in other sides of the world, you can mail me if you wanna know what you can do to help.

   Anyway, on to Phoenix's progress... I've finished the scripts for Chapter 8. I need time to complete Chapter 6... Gwah.

   Lastly, before I go, I'd like to wish you people... Happy Deepavali. I dunno who I should wish to, but since this is day is written as a holiday on my calendar, it should be important. ^_^;;

See ya.

November, 13 Wednesday

   Now that my PC is fixed… Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, my PC got attacked by a virus, and I couldn’t go online last week. DAMN, I missed to celebrate my comic’s anniversary. Anyway, now that I can use my PC again, I’ll start scanning my comics and uploading it next week. Sorry for the late news… I’m pretty sad, all my mails have been erased because of that virus.

November,17 Sunday

   Phew, now I’m a little ahead on schedule. That’s good news. There’s comic for this week and next week. If I have no time to complete the comic page, I’ll do it in pencil. Believe it or not, I finished page 109 in less than half an hour.

   Anyway, if you have trouble viewing my site now, please excuse it. Since my PC caught a virus, my C drive had to be washed out, and all my editing materials are gone as well. Even the Dreamweaver program (Used for editing a website) is gone. Lucky thing is, Photoshop is still around. Right after the PC got fixed, my bro installed Photoshop. That’s a relief.

   Please excuse my comic pages for page 109 on onwards… Some of the pages look somehow full of white empty spaces in each frame… I know, I don’t like drawing backgrounds. Not everybody likes to draw backgrounds, right? Basically, if I get tired drawing the backgrounds, I’ll draw the pages in pencil. When there’s complicated background or etc, I’ll use my pen. Any objections?

   Oh, and, I just started the scripts for Chapter 9. I promise that the whole stupid test thing and the fight-evil-and-win-and-story-goes-on will come to an end by Chapter 10. If my calculation is correct, Chapter 10 should be done by next year September. I’m not sure this will be true, as you people know, when my exams come, I have to stop comic production a few weeks, and so on. I gotta take some rest, y’know. Anyway, that’s all the rant for now.

November,22 Friday

   Well, 2 more days before my birthday which is on the 24th... too bad I can't celebrate it on that particular day, because... I'll probably forget. My memory is getting old, I'm turning into an OLD man... Ugh. Anyway, all I can do is wait till somebody wishes me a Happy Birthday. By then, I might remember.

   Updates are going smoothly (for me, of course), with the stupid Smith's explanation scenario part... this might take 3 weeks for him to stop yapping. The story will get back to Koji in the 4th week, or so.

   Anyway, I've re-readded the info about me page. (written as "author" as link) Look, this page is for those who would like to get to know me better, not for those who hate me or like to call me arrogant because I wrote all those. You hate me, go talk to the mirror.

November,29 Friday

   Well, hello again. My birthday is behind me now, and the holidays are right in front of me. Next year, I'll be facing the first biggest exam, and I'm pretty depressed about it. Think about my mom nagging me to study hard for next year. I'm kinda depressed these days.

   Comic is going smoothly, if I work on a page each day, I'll probably finish Chapter 10 by 6 months. That is, IF I can work daily. I worked for 1-2 hours on page 114 and 4-5 hours for page 115.

   Anyway, I just realized I missed out something while reading Michael's rant over at Destination Unknown! (For 5th Nov). I didn't read that DU! reached it's first anniversary some time ago. I'm such an asshole for not wishing him a happy DU! anniversary. I'm sorry! ^_^;; And thank you very much for wishing me a happy birthday... Although you wished me 2 days earlier, I still appreciate it............ ^_^

December,6 Friday

   Ahhhh, I recently bought 3 VCDs, "Love Hina Spring Special", "Love Hina Christmas Special" and one Love Hina which I didn't know what the title was. The untitled one sucked (Or so I think it does). I can't believe I bought 2 discs of that particular title, and I got only half an hour of the series, and another 1 1/2 hours were some "Love Live Hina" where these real japanese girls sing songs I've never heard of before. (Yeah, I'm very lame and so stupid. And in case you're wondering, I don't like shows with real people, except X-Files.) But then, the Spring and Christmas Specials were okay, was worth the cash I spent. I hate myself.

   Anyway, some of you (probably none of you) might notice that the pages I'm doing now are a little smaller, and are mixed in format. I sometimes do it in .JPG format, and sometimes in .GIF format. Some time later, I might try the PNG format. That's because the pages I draw sometimes seem a lot complex, while other times the pages look a lot empty. When the pages are mostly white, I'll go for GIF. When I have lots of lines around the page, e.g. PAGE 117 (Soon to be posted) I'll try JPG style. What do you people think? What format should I stick to?

   And... Let's see...... Yeah, now I remember. I got another guest art! From The Savage Lady! Woooooooooo What a nice piece! I love it!! Gwaaaaah, It's a beautiful picture of Koji. I'm so jealous. ^_^;;

   Last of all, A Selamat Hari Raya to those Malays who are celebrating it today. I'm no Malay, but it doesn't hurt to wish the people a good day. Good day. ^_^;;;

December,9 Monday

   Well, so much for the holidays, but I still get to surf the internet only once a week. Bummer. If I could go surfing the net every day, I'd go hang out over at Tsunami Channel's Forum... Or at least that's what I'll do. There's so many friendly people there, unlike my deserted forum, which has been dead for a couple of months.

   Anyway, I'm going on a holiday trip with my mom, Peter, my cousin brother and sister. We might be gone for a week or so, so I might have no time to work on Phoenix and Animenifesto. We'll be leaving by Wednesday, 11th, or maybe later. But the good news is that I've already finished the pages for next week, so you all don't have to worry. The only thing is that there might be no page for the week after next week.

   And a big apology to The Savage Lady for not posting her fanart in the gallery or in the main page... I didn't have enough time to upload it (Believe it or not.) So, I'm uploading it right now. Sorry!!! And a very big thank you to her, too, for the picture itself.

   And along with The Savage Lady's fan-art, I added some pictures in the Gallery as well. One new Koji Picture, 2 sketches and 4 *H* (Sort of...) pics. View at own risk. ^_^;;

   And no, I'm not a H-freak. ¬_¬

December,20 Friday

   I'm back from my holiday trip, and it was a 7-day trip. Not only tiring, but boring (for me). I'm not the type who likes to go outdoors, but I had to, 'cos my mom "ordered" me to follow her.

   Anyway, I'm sorry about some late replies or anything. As I was outdoors, it was pretty difficult to find an internet cafe. Not to mention, almost every cafe I went to, the price to surf for an hour is 2 times more expensive than over my hometown. Argh. (for your info, my area costs RM2 for an hour. Outside, it was about RM4-5)

Anyway, I added 2 pics in the Gallery. Both are in pencil, and I did it as neat as possible. Actually, these pics were scanned and cleaned last week, but I hadn't the chance to update.(That's right, I didn't use my eraser AT ALL.) Me = proud of self.

   Btw, I forgot to tell you people (who really care about me, not those who hate me) that I only update, surf and chat online on Fridays weekly FROM HOME. If I'm online some other day, it could mean either 2 things: I have some important business, or I'm outdoors in an internet cafe. Well, you people get my situation? Hahahahaha... I'm so lame.

   Lastly, I'd just like to say... Merry Christmas to everybody. I might no be here on Christmas, so I'm greeting everyone now just in case. Please don't hate me...

December,27 Friday

   Check this place out, it has more posts and replies than my forum, and I've posted in it too. Better than my forum, ain't it?

   Anyway, sorry, no comics for week from 23rd to 29th December. Taking Christmas Holiday break. ^_^;;; But then, comic production is in progress. Don't worry (yet).

   Oh, and I added 2 new sketches to the Gallery. A picture of Rock and Roll (Rockman Dash/Megaman Legends). Did it in pencil, no eraser used, just some quick sketches.

   And I'm very tired (Or maybe not) 'cause I overworked myself to finish the pages for next week, and also 3 extra pictures, one for Tsunami Channel's contest, and the two sketches (Rock and Roll). Wooooh.

   And a Happy New Year to all of you. ^_^;; Have a nice day.

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