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News Archive (2003)
I don't know why you're interested in old news that doesn't really matter now.
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January,01 Wednesday

   Okay, to start off my rant, I'd like to say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It's really noisy and full of joy all over my country. All the yelling and cheering of "happy new years" making my ears ring. I'm really glad I can go online today, to celebrate it with you people over at the other side of the world.

   Since there's the New Year, my school band had to perform at the "Rasa Sayang" Hotel, for all the people at midnight. not only was it fun, it was very joyful. All of us had fun (I think). But, it was too noisy. I think I have difficulties hearing now. ^_^;;

   Now, all that's left next is the Chinese New Year coming up soon next month. Weee.

Anyway, off-topic. I recently got my very own PS2, and started off playing FFX. After A few times playing it, I switched to Kingdom Hearts. and you know what? I'm gonna say what Ian said over at RPG World.


   Kinda reminds me of Dewprism (Threads of Fate) and Brave Fencer Musashi. But with a combination of Squaresoft and Disney characters, I love it. ^_^;;

   Anyway, school's reopening soon, I might have less time to work on the comic. So there might be less frequent updates soon. When the holidays come, I'll try to work ahead of schedule to replace the lost updates. Thanks for being patient.

   And a Happy New Year to everybody. Weee!

January, 03 Friday

   Man, New Year's passed but I haven't cleaned and organize my files and folders in my Phoenix FTP server. There's way too much files for me to organize! Adding I have a very slow computer, it'll take forever for me to clean my FTP server up!

   On the other hand, Animenifesto! is well organized and safely going for the moment. There isn't any need for organizing at Animenifesto's FTP server.

   I'm happily playing Kingdom Hearts when suddenly... My DUALSHOCK™ 2 isn't functioning properly! I can't "guard" using the Square button properly!! 'cos the Square isn't functioning properly! And so are the Triangle and X buttons! I can hardly attack and cast my magic!! Argh!! But still, I'm grateful the analog sticks were functioning properly.

   Too bad when school reopens, I can only play the PS2 on weekends. I'll be having PMR (A major exam for Form 3 students) this year, so I have to study more.

   Oh, and before I forget, some pages, especially the Gallery, will be unavailable for a few weeks, or maybe months, because I'm planning to clean up the files and folders in my FTP server. I know, this might take a while, but "better late than never", I guess.

January, 11 Saturday

   Okay, some of you might already know (If you were at Tsunami Channel's Forums) that my e-mail was intruded due to my carelessness when using a anonymous PC in an internet cafe. I found out that that intruder was the internet cafe owner himself. He somehow hates my school, and because I'm a student of the school, he had to mess up my e-mail and send hate mails to my friends.

   I'm really sorry if that intruder sent any of you people inappropriate mails. That devil will get his punishment when the time comes. If you received any mails with outrageous content, please believe that it wasn't ME. Thank you for believing me. I'll go crazy if any of my friends went mad because of something I HAVE NEVER DID.

   Anyway, the comic might slow down this year 'cos of many stuff I'm having in school. Events like Sports Day and Marathon Run is gonna take up part of my schedule, and I might have less time working on my comic. Plus, PMR (A major exam for 15-year-olds) is coming soon, and I have to concentrate on my studies more than often. Yes, no PS2 except weekends, and no TV the whole day. Phooie.

   So, Phoenix and Animenifesto will encounter some less frequent updates this year. Phoenix might update only once a week only, and Animenifesto might update only twice a week. Let's see what I can do.

January, 18 Saturday

   Drat, my black pen is running out of ink. Need to find another black pen quick. Now, what was the price of that pen again...?

Okay, I haven't worked on the comic for Phoenix and Animenifesto recently... Really am tired. There was CHARITY WEEK this week, and CANTEEN DAY next week. Both the events I mentioned is to raise funds for the needy and poor, and etc. Not to mention, these events are held ANNUALLY. Imagine being forced to donate at least RM20 to the poor every year. I wonder if I should say, "Hey, I'm poor too, why not donate some to me?"

   Let's see, Chinese New Year is coming up on February 1st and 2nd, so I'll be having a week off school, and that means I might have some time to work on the comic. I can't guarantee. Hey, I struggled to finish a page for you this week (And most probably next week), didn't I??!

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