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News Archive (2003)
I don't know why you're interested in old news that doesn't really matter now.
Note: Most of the links here won't work because they have been changed. But it would be worth a try if you want to click on it.

2004 April 3 - Saturday
Grah, made one more page after more than a month of dead-ness. XD I'm really really sorry for the long hiatus. I'll get back on drawing progress soon.

2004 March 6 - Saturday
It's been so long since I last updated. I'm so ashamed of myself. Hey, wait, I'm not getting any benefits by drawing online comics for free, I shouldn't be insulting myself. XD Anyway, though the comic progress is REALLY slow, it still hasn't stopped. Come back maybe once a week or month to check, ya. :D

2004 February 15 - Sunday
Ho hum. After so long, I finally updated. One of my readers named Katsuya seemed worried of the long break and sent me a mail to ask me to keep going. Don't worry I didn't say I'm gonna stop the comic. I'm just dealing with personal life right now, and judging by how bad it is, I just don't have the time to draw anything. Heck, now, I even find doing MATHs more fun than drawing. I'm starting to scare myself.

Uploaded 4 pages for Phoenix. Hope the upload works, because Keenspace's FTP thingy has been down for quite some time. Expect an unexpected (XD) 4 extra pages for last week's dates. No comics for now.

2004 January 11 - Sunday
Crap, having 3 hours online time per week is really not going well for me. I have too much depression just thinking about this. I don't have the mood to draw anymore XD

BUT STILL! I tried, and I managed to complete 1 page for next week. Hope it's worthwhile. I feel really depressed. *gets pressed*

2004 January 5 - Monday
Ughua... Done 2 more pages for today and Wednesday. Resuming progress...

Addition:: I uploaded a cast group picture in the Gallery too. It's been so long since I've done any pictures of the Phoenix casts. I was planning to insert the other kid (The one with striped shirt) But couldn't because I was running out of space. (I have the problem of not knowing where to start drawing a picture... and end up not having enough paper space for additions.)

2003 December 25 - Wednesday
Added 2 extra scans in the gallery. I forgot to scan them yesterday. You don't have to know which 2 scans they were... Ohm.

Oh, and a Merry Christmas to everybody. :D

2003 December 23 - Tuesday
Bwahahah at last I had the mood to scan my sketch crap and upload them to the gallery! Beware~ 3 misc. crapworks and 3 Hworks... All crappy and not suitable to be seen! XD You've been warned.

Currently working on the next 2 pages for Phoenix manga. Will update with the next 2 comics next week. Thanks for staying with me. :)

Oh and before I forget... Phoenix the Manga is PG-13... or maybe G rated. Only a few blood and and fighting. No nudity and cursing/ foul language. Although I have some inappropriate works in the Gallery section, I'm not planning to turn my manga inappropriate for most readers as well. Thank you again. XD

2003 December 21 - Sunday
Okay... I've managed to complete the next 2 pages for Phoenix manga... Now I'll be working on the 3rd page of the week... phew. It's getting harder and harder to draw nicely and maintain the same drawing style. Unlike other artists, I keep changing my drawing style because I have different drawing moods. When I feel happy, my artworks tend to look a little cuter. When I'm bored, the art looks a little scribbled... etc etc. So anyway! I'll try to keep drawing and not get distracted by online games anymore.

2003 December 16 - Tuesday
Sorry, sorry, I'm really sorry. Since this is a very long 2 months holiday, I've been really lazy at doing any comics... and plus I'm way behind everything right now, I don't have any mood to continue. There will still be updates, but I don't know when that will be.

2003 November 23 - Sunday
Ho... next 2 pages were done in a rush. But IMHO it's not that bad even though it was a rushwork. I'll try to put more effort in the future pages. XD

2003 November 12 - Wednesday
Ahchah. This comic has become 2 years old today. It's quite fast, but looking as the comic's story duration was only a few hours or minutes, I.... feel so left off.

2003 November 9 - Sunday
Okay, I've been browsing thru some sites lately, and I somehow noticed some bloggers and other artist linking to my site. (And Akira from Tsunami Channel checks my site!) I'm really happy about this, but considering my lack of updates and stuffs, I'm really ashamed of myself. Why do they still read my comic even though I update like a snail? Hmm... Well, anyway, I thank you.

Oh yeah, I checked the webstatistics for both my sites. The average hits I get per day is 1500 to 2000, and it could reach the total 55000 to 60000 hits a month. This is a big improvement since the first year I did Phoenix (100 to 1000 hits per day only) Whee~! I've gotten in the mood of drawing again! ^_^

2003 November 4 - Tuesday
Phoenix's 2rd anniversary is around the corner... that is on the 12th of November. Ain't that quick? And I'm not gonna be happy about it, because I don't think anybody really cares about this comic anyway. XD Enjoy the 3rd year of Phoenix.

Sorry for the slow updates, even though holidays have started, my band practices haven't, and can you imagine how many parents have written complain letters to their school band stating how hard the band is training their members for absolutely no profit/ payment? Well, we're like some kind of voluntary slaves, we learn music and play for free and help the school band get some friggin money to buy new instruments. The band instructors never cared of the conditions of their members. I'm hating school band from now on.

2003 October 26 - Sunday
Oh yes, I forgot to test the site changes before I upload it. I'm sure the link to this main page was completely wrong. I'm terribly sorry for the mistake. I should've been more careful.

2003 October 25 - Saturday
Hmmm, time for some really sad announcement. Due to my lameness, I have lost interest in doing this Phoenix Manga. But no worries, I will finish the first book (10-13 chapters) When I finally do, I'll continue the comic with a different title, character and story setting. So for now, I will only draw the following pages when I have time/ feel like it. I'm very sorry.

2003 October 15 - Wednesday
Okay, I updated today to apologize to TheSavageLady, for putting a "???" below her guest artwork in the gallery. The "???" was actually to state that she doesn't have a site (or she has, but I didn't know of that). I guess my new style of labeling guests is a little stupid. I was planning to show the author's names when the mouse is over the thumbnails, but I guess most readers never bother to read the captions, so I'll be putting the author's names with their sites below the names (like the previous) And I apologize again for not putting up another of her guest work since a long time ago, believe me, I keep forgetting about that... No wonder I never worry so much... I'll try to add all those artwork ASAP...

2003 October 14 - Tuesday
I've uploaded 2 new pages for tomorrow and Friday. Hope I have enough time to keep drawing.

2003 October 11 - Saturday
Okay, I'm all done with the Gallery. Everything should be online now, unless there are some images which were imcomplete (This happens when I upload too many files at once) Well, since my line isn't that fast, I won't bother checking them unless the viewers speak up about it.

2003 October 10 - Friday
Okay okay, since my major exam is now completely over, I'll have plenty of time to draw. Expect some updates from next week onwards. Gallery's update is put on hold for the moment, 'cause I need some time to work on the comic instead.

2003 October 4 - Saturday
Heh heh... I just realized I've been whining about the PMR exam since beginning of this year. Looks like I've been feeling the exam tension since the start all along. I just can't help thinking how good or bad I'll do in the exam. I just hope I can get straight A's in my exam, but I am not as smart as some arrogant smart person. I am addicted to manga, anime, games and not to mention H... I really need to keep these stuffs out of my mind until next week... And FREEDOM will come for 3 months. ;_;

I've uploaded/ replaced the pages that Boch mentioned in his post, and now every page should be online now. Unless I somehow patheticly missed out some pages. The Gallery is currently under uploading status; therefore some/ most of the images may be offline for the moment. I'll announce the completion once I'm done uploading. Everything should be back to normal once my exam is over. Wish me luck! Hahaha... and yeah, I really need it. ;_;

2003 September 26 - Friday
Just found out about some missing pages and stuffs, thanks to the help of Boch for the info. :D I guess everything should be alright once I re-upload them. Gallery page's progress is on hold for the moment. I comic will resume most probably one week after 9th of October (7-9th is my final exams)

2003 September 19 - Friday
Okay, I'm almost done with redoing the Gallery page. Now I just need to organize the folders and stuffs, rename them for easy browsing and upload them into the FTP. I also need to fix/ re-add the stuffs in the Links and Author page.

btw, no comics for next week. Sorry. Another trial exam next week, and the real exam is 2 weeks later. Need to study hard.

2003 September 13 - Saturday
In case nobody noticed, the complete archive has been restored and there is no longer and missing pages in the comic, thanks to Pericles for helping me in the process! :D But of course, there might still be missing pages and stuffs. So if any of you readers find anything missing, please inform us! Yay~

2003 September 10 - Wednesday

I've done editing the main page and the archive pages. Now I'm gonna concentrate on the Gallery, Author and Links page. I'm removing the Archive and Forum links, since nobody has actually needed them to start with. Right now the links to other pages will be dead, but if you've bookmarked them, they should lead you to the current outdate page. News archive since 2002 and beginning of 2003 will be kept for future reference. For any questions or requests, please feel free to mail me. But please make sure you either put the title as "NONE" or something less obvious so that I don't mistake it for spam. :D

For the moment the gallery is out of order. please wait for updates.

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